The story behind Victoria McAnerney

Celebrating 5 years with us, Bedrock Healthcare Communications spoke to Senior Account Executive, Victoria McAnerney about what took her into medical communications, her career highlights and passions both inside and outside of work. And much more…


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Why shared values create our best work

What is it about Bedrock that helps us create consistently compelling medical communications? In a nutshell, our culture. And key to our thriving culture are our core shared values – central to everything we do. They enable us to focus, challenge and achieve more as a team – and for our clients.

Members of our team, including MD, Marie Little, talk about why aligned values are so important, and how our clients get to experience them through the passion and curiosity they bring to the way we work.


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What makes Bedrock such an inspiring place to work – by our own people

Bedrock is a thriving independent and award-winning healthcare communications agency, now into our 12th year. We design and deliver compelling, insight-led medical communication programmes that build beliefs and shape behaviours to help healthcare professionals and patients make better decisions. As a result, lives can be transformed by the work that we do.

For many of us, this is a significant motivator for working in healthcare communications. But what makes a career with Bedrock different to other options in this highly rewarding field? Why choose us to create the best work of your life? Who better to ask than our very own team?


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Differentiating strategy: 3 ways a healthcare communications agency adds value

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

Identifying the next blockbuster is increasingly challenging for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, so launch teams are under pressure to deliver sales performance which matches analyst expectations. A recent report suggested that over one-third of new product launches fail to get close to first year expectations1. A possible explanation could be that only ~66%of new products are able to demonstrate value, in terms of improved patient outcomes for a given cost.2

While defining the value of your brand to the relevant healthcare system is critical, equally as important is finding the optimal mix of channels to ensure the necessary stakeholders are familiar with the associated story. Partnering with a medical communications agency can be a key differentiator in the planning cycle. Chris Barton, our Strategic Solutions Director, reflects on how an agency adds value as part of a robust strategic consulting partnership.

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