Why shared values create our best work

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What is it about Bedrock that helps us create consistently compelling medical communications? In a nutshell, our culture. And key to our thriving culture are our core shared values – central to everything we do. They enable us to focus, challenge and achieve more as a team – and for our clients.

Members of our team, including MD, Marie Little, talk about why aligned values are so important, and how our clients get to experience them through the passion and curiosity they bring to the way we work.


Values we live and breathe

Whilst we seek talent in different places, and colleagues with varying backgrounds, we all share the same values. We recruit to them, collaborate through them and, by truly living and breathing them we create the best work of our lives. So, what are our values? We’re Dynamically Driven, Truly Passionate, Freethinking, Committed to Growth, and we always Exceed Expectations.

Marie Little explains what this means for our clients. “Our values unite us so we are greater than the sum of our parts. They inspire us to collaborate and challenge, to push further and to always seek ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. By living to our values, we achieve more, for our clients, ourselves and our audiences.”

Let’s take a closer look at each, and what they mean to the team.

Dynamically driven

Collaborating to inject energy and vision

Independent and versatile, we work to ensure our clients consistently experience a collaborative and inspiring project journey, leading to success for them, while uncovering new opportunities to improve healthcare. 

Account Director, Sarah Brooks, explains how being ‘dynamically driven’ influences how we work. “We have a fantastic, dedicated, intelligent and passionate team who listen to each other’s perspectives. Collaboration is a big part of working at Bedrock and everyone’s energy and vision really drives us. The team are a pleasure to work with and they inspire me every day.”

Exceed expectations

Stretching ourselves to achieve more

In a world where there is an ever-increasing workload for clients, we proactively look for ways to go beyond what is expected, working closely with you to take the initiative, reduce workload and ultimately deliver great results.

For Senior Medical Writer, Caroline Herbert, her favourite value is ‘exceeding expectations’. “I love knowing that we are striving to give clients our best work which goes above and beyond. It also motivates me to consistently deliver high standards when I see how happy they are with the results.”

Truly passionate

Wholeheartedly dedicated to the improvement of health

To create impactful programmes, many different elements are required. Passion is a vital ingredient that we bring by the bucketload at all times, with an absolute focus on driving success.

Working in medical communications is all about helping healthcare professionals and patients make better decisions. This has the power to transform lives so it’s not surprising to find several of the team identifying strongly with being ‘truly passionate’.

Sarah Brooks talks about what this means for her. “I am truly passionate about the work that we do – helping our clients to achieve and exceed their objectives, and ultimately helping patients have a better experience, treatment, quality of life and to be better informed. Because I am passionate about what we do, I always strive to achieve more, for our clients and subsequently for HCPs and patients.”

Senior Account Executive, Victoria McAnerney, feels the same way. “It’s the passion that really drives us to go above and beyond for all our clients. Especially when working as a team because it makes our clients aware that we really value their projects and want to do the best we can in every way possible.”


Creating compelling, original and insightful solutions

We know that knowledge and experience are pre-requisites for any professional services company that you work with. Surely you are looking for more, though? Something that stands out. Thats why we always start with understanding what success looks like for you and, together, we create compelling solutions that achieve more.

Associate Account Director, Rupinder Sohal, is a big fan of this value. “I love ‘freethinking’! Being able to say your ideas out loud and challenging yourself to think differently with no boundaries, is my favourite value at Bedrock. Having the freethinking superpower proves that unique ideas can uplift any project from being ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!

Client Strategy Manager, Dr Richie Barclay, agrees. “Thinking outside the box and developing innovative ideas into a reality is my favourite part of the job.”

Committed to growth

Developing ourselves and our clients and shaping our sector

We invest significantly in developing our knowledge of communications so that we can back up our claim of being medical communication experts. But thats not all: armed with this knowledge, we invest in new ideas ourselves, testing the waters before expecting our clients to invest with us.

Marie Little has a favourite value too – ‘committed to growth’. “I love the fact that you need a growth mindset to work at Bedrock – a desire to expand your understanding at any given opportunity to ensure personal growth, as we know that the growth of the company will follow.”

The right people and the right fit

Marie also believes that the values really shine through when we talk to our clients and team. “The feedback we get from clients always reflects that we are pushing ourselves to think differently and exceed expectations. We never hear ‘you did what you said you would do but nothing more’. I also notice a high level of positivity coming from our teams because our values align. They feel free to be curious and ask the right questions. Through this, they produce truly compelling work that delights our clients.”

Could Bedrock be for you?

If you identify with our values and would love to start or continue your career in med comms, get in touch and send your CV to careers@bedrock-health.com.

Photo by Mark Hayward on Unsplash.