Why shared values create our best work

What is it about Bedrock that helps us create consistently compelling medical communications? In a nutshell, our culture. And key to our thriving culture are our core shared values – central to everything we do. They enable us to focus, challenge and achieve more as a team – and for our clients.

Members of our team, including MD, Marie Little, talk about why aligned values are so important, and how our clients get to experience them through the passion and curiosity they bring to the way we work.


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Bringing creativity to medical communications: A process, not a point in time

Every time I attempt ‘creativity’, it goes all wrong. It even happened with this blog post. I opened a blank Word doc late one afternoon, slapped a label – ‘Structure of creativity’ – at the top, and waited for inspiration to hit.

Then I kept waiting. Tried drinking some water (note: hydration is not the same thing as inspiration). Started getting frustrated.

And then thought, ‘What advice would I give a fellow medical writer in this situation?’ and realised I was following absolutely none of it. (The fact that writers are their own worst enemies transcends space and time.) So I stopped waiting and jotted down that advice, and – magically – it created a structure that made creativity a doddle.

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