What makes Bedrock such an inspiring place to work – by our own people

The Bedrock team

Bedrock is a thriving independent and award-winning healthcare communications agency, now into our 11th year. We design and deliver compelling, insight-led medical communication programmes that build beliefs and shape behaviours to help healthcare professionals and patients make better decisions. As a result, lives can be transformed by the work that we do.

For many of us, this is a significant motivator for working in healthcare communications. But what makes a career with Bedrock different to other options in this highly rewarding field? Why choose us to create the best work of your life? Who better to ask than our very own team?


Our values are our DNA

Everyone who joins us gets to experience our values as part of the recruitment process – which gives everyone the chance to work out if we are the right fit for each other. We’re for those who share our values – we’re Dynamically Driven, Truly Passionate, Freethinking, Committed to Growth, and we always Exceed Expectations.

Our values unite and drive us every day.  Emily Wigginton, our Head of Client Service, even has a favourite value. “For me it must be ‘Truly Passionate’ – uniting and challenging to succeed together. Passion for what we do is a vital ingredient! We bring it by the bucketload with an absolute focus on driving success.” Associate Account Director, Rupinder Sohal, agrees. “Our values really matter. They aren’t just written and forgotten about. They live in each one of us and it shows in everything we say and do, for each other and the clients we work with.”

Feeling challenged, freethinking daily

Freethinking is one of our core values. Our people create original solutions based on insight and experience. We often challenge each other and ask ‘what if?’ And challenge is something that Account Manager, Richie Barclay, feels helps to create a fulfilling work environment which stimulates him mentally on a day to day basis. “I love that each meeting, each conversation, and each interaction is an open floor for discussion and challenge, which is independent of hierarchy. Bedrock has a judgement-free environment where challenging the status quo and freethinking is encouraged and rewarded. No idea or question is deemed ‘stupid’.” Account Director, Sarah Brooks, agrees. “I constantly feel challenged, which in turn offers a real sense of achievement and satisfaction.”

We’re a supportive team with real autonomy

Working in healthcare communications brings the opportunity to do transformational work, but there can be pressures associated with deadlines and delivery, which is where the supportive nature of our team really matters. We believe that together we’ll achieve more, and better. We look out for each other, and we give our people the freedom to think. Senior Account Manager, Laura Redman, who has just celebrated 5 years with Bedrock, talks about how she values the Bedrock team. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without such a great bunch of people supporting me along the way. I’ve worked with some of the most inspiring and talented people I have ever met.” Senior Medical Writer, Caroline Herbert, agrees. “The team at Bedrock are particularly enjoyable to work with and I always feel supported by my colleagues.” And while lockdown has challenged many, the Bedrock team have really pulled together, as Sarah explains. “Even working remotely, I have never felt ‘alone’; everyone is always happy to support and help where needed. We have a fantastic, dedicated, intelligent and passionate team who are a pleasure to work with and they inspire me every day.”

Everyone’s opinion counts

Newly promoted Senior Account Manager, Chloe Mitchell, looks back to when she joined and what it felt like to have her ideas recognised from day one. “From my first day starting at Bedrock, I was made to feel that my contribution and opinions were valued. This kind of activity, whether it be just speaking up at meetings or contributing to pitches, is encouraged. Bedrock wholeheartedly values its employees with multiple internal communication channels to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Rupinder agrees, “Your opinion always counts on every project, pitch and call you attend, which makes you feel valued, respected and part of the end goal. This to me is what makes me super happy getting up each morning and doing the best I can for the clients I work with.”

Range of projects and variety

Bedrock produces high impact work that builds beliefs and shapes behaviours – which means no shortage of stimulating projects. Sarah enjoys this variety. “The work we do is so varied and interesting, there is always something new to learn about, which is great.” Chloe also feels that the Bedrock culture is reflected in the work we produce. “It really shines through in our projects. I’ve learnt so much from all the people I’ve been working with, especially since my team includes a range of roles and backgrounds.” Senior Account Executive, Victoria McAnerney, also enjoys the variety. “I love working at Bedrock because of the huge variety of projects that we work on across different therapy areas. Working as a team drives the passion in what we do.” Richie sums up what this means to him. “Working at Bedrock is really helping me grow professionally and personally. For me it’s already THE place to work.”

We’re an independent agency

We believe there’s never been a better time to be an independent agency. As MD, Marie Little concludes, being an independent agency means we have a lot more control in setting our own culture and giving our people the freedom to think and produce their best work. “Everything always comes back to our core values. We don’t do anything without recognising them, and that’s super important. I’ve been in this industry for a million years, and there’s no other company I’ve ever worked in or heard of that truly lives their core values like Bedrock does.”

Could Bedrock be for you?

If you’ve enjoyed reading about why we love working for Bedrock, we are always looking for inspiring people who share our values. Why not take a look at our website or send your CV to careers@bedrock-health.com?