Collectively our senior management team alone has more than 100 years' experience from all areas of healthcare, communications and pharmaceuticals.

Our scientific and client service teams bring a wealth of experience from across the healthcare and communication industries, a mix of perspectives and expert industry knowledge which helps us to continue to challenge our own thinking and lead to compelling solutions that achieve more.

Meet our leaders

David Youds

CEO Resonant Group

In 2011, David started Bedrock Healthcare Communications to focus on developing engaging communication and education programmes within the healthcare setting, making use of his commercial, client-side experience and keen audience focus.

David has a wealth of experience across many communication channels and a particular interest in audience expectation. This has fuelled Resonant’s focus on creating and delivering a wide range of audience-centric communication and engagement programmes. These range from educational scientific symposia for the academically minded, to the use of ‘edutainment’ – a relatively new concept in healthcare that aims to teach audiences in a thrilling, engaging and innovative way.

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Marie Little

Managing Director

Marie’s passion lies in crafting impactful communication solutions to achieve tangible improvement – for clients, HCPs and patients. Since leaving the public sector 20 years ago, Marie has held private-sector roles in med comms, brand comms, digital and publishing.

In this time, she has worked across a vast number of therapy areas, and uses her wealth of experience to support the Bedrock team to develop sound strategies and narratives that exceed expectations.

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Bedrock Health Communications Head of Scientific Services, Catherine Lee smiling.

Catherine Lee

Head of Scientific Services

Catherine started her career working in clinical development. From there, she developed a detailed understanding of trial and regulatory requirements from Phase I through to Phase IV, which she applies in the communication field.

Having since spent 20 years working in medical communications, Catherine has gained experience across the full the range of medical communication deliverables and a number of key therapy areas. She is passionate about delivering easy-to-understand and memorable scientific messaging that resonates with the audience and supports their learning. With a keen eye for detail and a focus on quality, Catherine oversees the medical writing team at Bedrock to ensure we exceed client expectations.

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Emily Wigginton

Head of Client Services

Emily has over 20 years’ healthcare communications experience and is passionate about building solid partnerships with clients, inspiring her team and ensuring that excellence is delivered as standard.

Emily is a persistent champion for integrating effective communication strategies into healthcare delivery and believes these must be rooted in science and built on critical insights.

Emily has experience and expertise across a multitude of therapy areas ranging from respiratory, osteoporosis and oncology to nutrition and men's health, epilepsy, depression, rare diseases and more.

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Derek Annan

Head of Strategy

Derek has extensive experience in medical education, providing strategic and solution-driven input on programmes. He has a PhD research degree in biotechnology. Derek has experience in leveraging customer insight to build strategies to shift customer behaviour and ensure commercial success.

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