We think differently, fusing science with creativity to deliver engaging medical communication programmes that achieve more for our global pharmaceutical and biotech clients.

More passion. More creativity. More impactful programmes. More engaged audiences. More actions taken as a result of our medical education programmes. More patients living better lives.

Our values are our DNA. They are central to everything we do – from how we hire and reward, to how we think and collaborate. Our values enable us to focus, challenge and achieve more.

Dynamically driven

Collaborating to inject energy and vision

Independent and versatile, we work to ensure our clients consistently experience a collaborative and inspiring project journey, leading to success for them, while uncovering new opportunities to improve healthcare.

Bedrock Healthcare Communications logo with a sea design.
Bedrock Healthcare Communications logo with a space design.

Exceed expectations

Stretching ourselves to achieve more

In a world where there is an ever-increasing workload for clients, we proactively look for ways to go beyond what is expected, working closely with you to take the initiative, reduce workload and ultimately deliver great results.

Truly passionate

Wholeheartedly dedicated to the improvement of health

To create impactful programmes, many different elements are required. Passion is a vital ingredient that we bring by the bucketload at all times, with an absolute focus on driving success.

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Bedrock Healthcare Communications logo with a sky design.


Creating compelling, original and insightful solutions

We know that knowledge and experience are pre-requisites for any professional services company that you work with. Surely you are looking for more, though. Something that stands out. That’s why we always start with understanding what success looks like for you and, together, we create compelling solutions that achieve more.

Committed to growth

Developing ourselves and our clients and shaping our sector

We invest significantly in developing our knowledge of communications so that we can back up our claim of being medical communication experts. But that’s not all: armed with this knowledge, we invest in new ideas ourselves, testing the waters before expecting our clients to invest with us.

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Grey quotation marks

We understand our clients and work as their partners, to challenge, to innovate, to achieve more in healthcare communications. Here’s what they have to say.

Bedrock deliver innovative medical communications from an enthusiastic and creatively able agency

Global Head of Scientific Engagement & Communications