We excel at uncovering and analysing deep intelligent insights, creating and managing strong relationships and collaborating with key parties to deliver targeted, relevant and effective communication activities.


Medical Communications was Bedrock’s starting point when the company was founded in 2010 and remains Bedrock’s largest practice. Our aim is to deliver fully integrated medical education campaigns that are thought provoking, memorable and based on profound insights, sound strategy and innovative, tailored communications techniques that fully address your needs and those of your audiences.


Bedrock’s Intelligent Insights practice strives to go further than traditional market research agencies to provide insights that have real impact and gravitas. Our aim is to unearth the emotional and rational insights from patients, families or healthcare professionals, insights that ultimately feed into your communications campaigns; fuelling a greater return on your investment.


At Bedrock we believe that “digital” is a communication channel in the same way as more traditional media forms and is therefore an integral part of the marketing mix. This is why our multimedia practice is responsible for all forms of media; print, digital, film and animation. By considering the merits of each against each other, we provide our clients with what they need, whatever they need, to ensure their communications campaigns really have impact.

Customer and Opinion Leader Engagement: Connecting with both influencers and customers is a crucial part of any integrated strategy.

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