The story behind Benedict Macintyre

Benedict Macintyre

Bedrock Healthcare Communications spoke to one of our recent starters, medical writer Benedict Macintyre, about what inspired him to become a medical writer, what attracted him to Bedrock and his highlights so far. And much more…


What got you interested in a career in MedComms?

I’ve always had a passion and interest in biological and clinical research and communicating science. When I finished my PhD in cancer metabolism becoming a medical writer in MedComms seemed a really good fit with my skills and a perfect career opportunity. It’s very varied and incredibly enjoyable.

Has it lived up to your expectations?

Yes, definitely. It’s a very diverse role. You get to work on many different therapy areas, which is great as I have a very broad scientific interest. MedComms is at the forefront of scientific knowledge so it’s incredibly stimulating and interesting. I think that’s my favourite thing about it.

What’s your earlier background?

I did a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSc in Human Molecular Genetics and joined The Francis Crick Institute as a PhD student, where my research focused on metabolic pathways in cancer. I started in the MedComms sector as an associate medical writer and I joined Bedrock in August 2022.

What attracted you to join Bedrock?

I wanted to use my scientific experience and stimulate my interests in multiple ways. When I first spoke to Bedrock it was completely obvious how much they cared about me, and I was impressed with the expertise in the team. I really liked their passion, warmth and was inspired by their commitment to development.

How would you describe the Bedrock culture?

Teamwork is very strong at Bedrock, and we live and breathe our values and culture. It means that everyone really enjoys what they do and can do the best work of their lives. Work life is so much more enjoyable when you’re working with people that really inspire and support you.

What’s been your Bedrock career highlight so far?

I’ve only been here for just under six months but I’ve already worked on a masterclass. This is a stand-alone educational event for HCPs with world renowned clinicians and researchers talking about different aspects of their therapy areas and their own research

How do you see Bedrock supporting your career development?

Bedrock wants you to feel supported and valued so you can do your best work and ultimately really set our work apart. I’ve seen that every day so far, it’s a very nurturing and supportive culture. It’s really fantastic and I can see myself being at Bedrock for a very long time.

What gets you up in the morning?

Personally, I hold the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and understanding in the highest regard, especially when applied to healthcare. This is one of the main reasons that I chose to become a medical writer; to use my interest and experience to make my contribution. Every day my goal is to do the best work I can and waking up early to prepare for the challenges of the day helps me do this. Knowing that my day will be meaningful and productive is my primary motivation.

What do you enjoy outside of work?

Food and football are the two big ones. Living in London, I have the opportunity to visit the most amazing restaurants with family and friends to experience cuisine from almost anywhere in the world, which I thoroughly enjoy. I have a season ticket at Arsenal; being able to go and watch every game is such a privilege and, I must admit, I am particularly enjoying this season!

Any tips to help others get into medical writing in MedComms?

A really good starting point would be to find a medical writer to talk to. It’s easy to find people using LinkedIn, and of course recruiters can be a good source too. Just ask “Could we have a chat?” I think you’ll find people really approachable, and you’ll soon know if MedComms is for you.