The story behind Rupinder Sohal

Rupinder Sohal Bedrock

Bedrock Healthcare Communications spoke to Associate Account Director, Rupinder (Rupz) Sohal about her career in medical communications, what she’s learnt at Bedrock, and why a passion for learning is her best career development advice.  And much more…


What attracted you to the medical communications industry?

I have always had an aspiration to deep dive into different therapy areas, and to make a difference in how they are perceived in the eyes of the HCP and the patient. Finding a role that allows me to do this made it an instant attraction to hit ‘apply’!

Has it lived up to expectations?

More than I could have imagined! In the last 6 months (which has flown by!) I have learnt an incredible amount about at least three different therapy areas, liaised with highly respected HCPs and immersed myself in understanding the impact a disease can have on patients, and ultimately uncovering unmet needs that need action.

What new experiences and skills have you gained during your time at Bedrock Healthcare Communications?

It feels like every week I gain a new skill working across my accounts. Listening, acknowledging and problem solving each day gives me a new experience in uncovering a solution that works for my project and client.

Recently I’ve been thinking about the power of disruption and how to apply it, for example disseminating the outcomes of a project and thinking wider than congresses or publications. What else can we do to drive impact and results? This goes to the heart of where the most impact will be for a patient, as they are the ones that matter the most, and why we do what we do.

What career highlights are you most proud of?

I am really proud of getting through the last two years of the world being rather uncertain, balancing family life and managing workload at the same time. Doubling up as a teacher for my children will always be my career highlight! 

Winning the Resonant Group ROAR award last year was also a massively (and unexpected) proud moment. It’s an award that recognises hard work and commitment in demonstrating the company values, which for me is second nature at Bedrock as everyone holds our values close to their heart and it shows in everything we do.

What’s the best thing about working at Bedrock Healthcare Communications?

The chance the team give us to learn, digest and champion our unique way of approaching and executing the task/project at hand. Each idea and nugget of research we find always has a valid place in wider discussions, be it with the Senior Management Team or in a weekly team status meeting. It always feels like YOU MATTER.

What gets you up in the morning?

Knowing I am going into work and liaising with an inspirational and knowledgeable bunch of people. From work colleagues to clients, we are working together for positive outcomes for patients. This really gets me ready to show up with positive energy and my sleeves rolled up!

What advice would you give anyone joining the medical communications world?

Have the passion to learn, absorb and do it on repeat, as every therapy area you work on is so different. Having that purpose and drive to keep resetting will be your key to unlocking disruptive ways of communicating in the medical world.