Effective use of social media: learnings from our ‘greenhouse’

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Written by Victoria McAnerney, Senior Account Executive

This month’s company learning ‘greenhouse’ session focused on maximising the impact of data and social influence: two key topics to consider when effectively engaging with audiences and developing social media strategies.

Here are my three key takeaways to make our clients’ data stand out from the crowd.

  • Ensure external experts tell a memorable data story – combine a greenscreen video of your expert with your data to show on screen interaction with the data while discussing their point of view. This provides focus for the narrative while also delivering a much more creative and engaging video.
    • A great example of a video that has used this approach included an expert walking across a map of the world on the screen while explaining global and country statistics to make the data come to life.
    • Metrics for videos such as these have shown higher audience memorability scores demonstrating their greater impact, compared with static, formal data presentations.
  • Patients trust information when content is more relatable – working with a patient to be at the heart of the message is key in driving engagement with this audience.
    • A patient’s interpretation of complex scientific information, which some people may otherwise have difficulty understanding, increases access to the information, raises awareness and creates further interest for wider audiences.
  • COPE – Create Once, Publish Everywhere – at Bedrock Healthcare Communications we always look to add value to the materials we develop by maximising audience reach through utilising the content across multiple channels (e.g. webinars, symposia, online media and print). We have achieved this effectively in disease-awareness campaigns by using key messages across banner and poster design materials to create maximum reach and impact.