The story behind Richie Barclay


Bedrock Healthcare Communications asked Richie Barclay about what attracted him to the medical communications industry and his role, what he values most about our people and culture and what this means to him and his career.


What attracted you to the medical communications industry?

I’m passionate about science and improving patient outcomes. Medical communications allows me to be involved in work that tells the stories behind the science with the satisfaction of developing authentic relationships with clients.  I also enjoy the creativity within the sector and being a part of the programmes we develop.

What’s your role at Bedrock?

At Bedrock, my role is to ensure we exceed expectations at all stages of the client journey which makes the job so enjoyable due to the variety this brings. From thinking outside the box on our projects, or maximising the internal talent we have in the scientific services team, I seek to ensure our clients are delighted with the work we deliver. Coming together and thinking about a problem, brainstorming solutions, and delivering top quality work from start to finish are some of the most enjoyable aspects of the role. Importantly, this is a collaborative effort and cannot be done to its full potential without the help of my colleagues.

What do you most value in your colleagues?

There are three key things I value most in my colleagues. The first is their ability to be open and selfless to facilitate our collaboration on projects. In science, more brains are better than one and the ability for our team to work together is vital for delivering the compelling communications which underpin our business. The second is the ability for a colleague to challenge the status quo. We must always challenge each other, and challenge the way we approach any task, or idea. Thought provoking discussion ensures we are maximising the quality of our work. Finally, I value the ability to give and receive feedback. As a team, and a company, we must always seek to grow. Without a safe environment where people can share honest feedback, we would start to regress. Thus, our open and honest environment is centred around growth; professionally, mentally, and personally.

How would you describe the Bedrock culture?

Our culture plays a big part in the work we do at Bedrock. We share the same goal, and we work together to achieve great things. Our thriving culture is achieved through individual willingness for personal development and our relentless desire to learn and improve as a company. It’s an honest environment with an emphasis on attention to detail that’s key to pushing our boundaries day in day out.

What does this mean for your career?

I’ve only been in the business for six months, but for the first time in my career I look forward to going into work on a Monday! Every day we use our minds to our full potential and work with incredible people who challenge us. This journey together is shaping our individual and collective future. Working at Bedrock is really helping me grow professionally and personally. For me it’s already THE place to work.