The story behind Chloe Mitchell

Bedrock Healthcare Communications asked Chloe Mitchell, a few questions about what attracted her to the medical communications industry, what motivates her, and advice she would give to someone starting out in the industry.


What attracted you to the medical communications industry?

In my previous role in patient safety, my knowledge was product-specific, and I felt that medical communications would give me a broader exposure to different therapy areas and the pharmaceutical industry in general. I was also attracted to the idea of having a varied working day and a diverse set of tasks, as it keeps things more interesting!

Has it lived up to expectations?

Definitely! Since joining Bedrock Healthcare Communications, I’m not sure that any 2 days have been the same. I’ve been lucky enough to work across both Bedrock and Origins Health Insights so have had the opportunity to experience the different sides of the business which has helped to increase my understanding of what we offer as a group. I have also worked across accounts in different therapy areas, which continues to expand my knowledge.   

What new experiences and skills have you gained during your time at Bedrock Healthcare Communications?

It’s an obvious answer as given away by my job title but account management, what that means and how best to use those skills as one size does not fit all projects or all clients. This has included practical skills relating to finance or time management but also how best to build relationships, and more importantly, partnerships with clients to ensure the work we are creating with and for them meets their specific needs. Equally valuable has been hearing directly from patients and healthcare professionals and how they manage the conditions that we work across. Their stories, of first-hand experience, helps put so much of what would just be considered the day-to-day of a job into perspective.

What career highlights are you most proud of?

I think there are two that I am most proud of – winning the Resonant Group CEO award, where each year David Youds, CEO, recognises one individual in the company who has consistently lived to our values and who has achieved outstanding results, and being chosen as a finalist in the Digital Account Manager category at this year’s PM Society Digital Awards! It means so much to be personally recognised and acknowledged for the work that you do. We have a strong recognition programme at Bedrock Healthcare Communications (be it shouting out other team members for work they’ve completed or being recognised in the form of an award) and I think it demonstrates how much the company values its employees.

The Resonant Group CEO award is to be used to support professional or personal development. I haven’t completely decided what to spend the reward on yet as I’d like to do something practical, and those types of courses haven’t been as available over the last year. I bought my first house at the end of last year so am thinking of doing a do-it-yourself course. It would be good to know how to properly hang mirrors and pictures instead of using multiple packs of sticky wall strips and hoping for the best!

What’s the best thing about working at Bedrock Healthcare Communications?

Definitely the people! From my first day starting at Bedrock, I was made to feel that my contribution and opinions were valued. This kind of activity, whether it be just speaking up at meetings or contributing to pitches, is encouraged. Everyone’s commitment to both clients, and to Bedrock, is also apparent and it really shines through in the work we produce. I’ve found I’ve learnt so much from all the people I’ve been working with, especially since my team includes a range of roles and backgrounds. Bedrock Healthcare Communications wholeheartedly values its employees with multiple internal communication channels to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. One way this has been put into practice recently is through the creation of the Resonant Inclusion Council, whose vision is to create an environment where anyone, regardless of background, is inspired and enabled to do the best work of their lives. 

What gets you up in the morning?

Each day, I like to feel as though I have accomplished something, even if it is something minor like going for a run or checking something off my to-do list at work. I wake up most mornings with an idea of the challenges and tasks for the day both work-related and personal. Completing and ticking actions off my list always gives me a sense of accomplishment and gives me a mood boost!

What advice would you give anyone joining the medical communications world?

Each day at work will be different, you’ll get varied experience in multiple projects across different therapeutic areas, and you’ll work with an energetic team in a fast-paced environment. A positive, ‘can do’ attitude being adaptable and not being afraid to ask questions makes it easier to manage evolving projects and enables you to learn from those around you.