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The sweet spot



Whether you consider Bedrock at the creative end of scientific, or the scientific end of creative, we have pioneered in the evolving area of Creative Medical Education which sits between these two vital communication needs.

Communications strategy

Brand, medical and multichannel strategy development

Medical educational programmes

International and local multichannel programmes

Meetings and congresses

Standalones, congress and everything in between


Research, ethnography, digital audits for patients and HCPs

Disease awareness

Patient materials, message development, storytelling and data visualisation

Internal communications

Programmes, events, workshops and training materials

Patient support

Driving awareness and engagement to improve health understanding and outcomes

Film & animation

Live action films and animations

Hitting the sweet spot…

Here’s some examples of our recent work that we are really proud of.


Patient inspired content to increase the impact and reach of disease education.

In Memory


This is Axiom


PM Society Digital Awards 2018

Congress, Meetings and Events (Winner)

Corporate Communications (Winner)

Film (Winner)

Communiqué Awards 2018

Small Consultancy of the Year (Finalist)

Innovation in Healthcare Communications (Finalist)

Film Awards 2018

Award of Excellence – Accolade Global Film Competition

Award of Merit – Global Shorts (Winner)

Largo Film Awards (Winner)

Award of Excellence – Best Shorts Competition (Winner)

Film Awards 2017

Festival Award of Excellence; Accolade Global Film Festival

Communiqué Awards 2016

Small Consultancy of the Year (Finalist)

Writing Excellence (Finalist)

Excellence in Digital Communications (Finalist)

PMEA 2016

Support Agency of the Year (Finalist)

Innovation Award (Finalist)

EVCOM 2016

Script (Highly Commended)

Film Awards 2016

Founders Award – North Carolina Film Award (Winner)

Accolade Global Film Competition – (Award of Merit – Special Mention)

Short Film; International Women’s Film Festival (Finalist)

Best International Short Film; Swedish International Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)

PM Society 2015

Bronze Craft Award for Films

Communiqué 2015

Excellence in Professional Education Programmes (Finalist)


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