At Bedrock we believe that “digital” is a communication channel in the same way as more traditional media forms and is therefore an integral part of the marketing mix. This is why our multimedia practice is responsible for all forms of media; print, digital, film and animation. By considering the merits of each against the other, we provide our clients with what they need, whatever they need, to ensure their communications campaigns really have impact.
Bedrock Multimedia produces a range of communications across an increasing number of platforms. We produce “mainstream” portals such as websites and apps as well as working with cutting edge virtual reality platforms such as Z-Space, Oculus and Google Glass to really engage your audience. In addition to providing high quality animated content, we are actively working on a number of feature film projects – driving education to audiences in a way previously underutilised within healthcare.
We believe in using the right media to engage and educate your audience – because of this we don’t drive any particular form just because it meets our own agenda or capabilities. To prove this, our print design functions sit within the multimedia department – not separate from it. Our passion is to work with you and your audience in order to understand their communication preferences and needs, then produce high impact campaigns utilising the most relevant media for them.


Bedrock’s digital team is a truly integrated part of our medical communications offering. Our experts identify the most appropriate digital channels to utilise in order for you to maximise reach and engagement with the target audience. Each project we undertake undergoes a strict project pathway from channel strategy, through to technical specification, IT sign off, implementation, launch and monitoring. Our team has diverse experience in the development of websites, mobile applications, e-details, closed loop marketing, social media campaigns, exhibition booth experiences, wearables and emerging technology.



Free thinking runs throughout Bedrock and ideas involve everyone in the business from all practices. Our creative team is here to build upon the imagination of the wider team to develop concepts that can be turned into project deliverables. Our experienced team has launched brands, designed truly engaging user interfaces and created memorable and emotional messaging across print, digital, film and animation. We ensure that the content an audience receives is engaging, entertaining and educational – we call this ‘edutainment’.

Film and animation


Patients, physicians, nurses – and indeed all healthcare stakeholders – are all part of the modern digital age, consuming content across multiple devices and in a shorter timeframe than ever. Video is now a preferred media choice for those online providing a real opportunity to develop impactful, resonating messaging. Whilst we can provide traditional interviews and symposia recording, our film team excels in delivering some of the most unique and impactful campaigns through the use of emotionally driven, patient centric video content. Additionally, our animation team has delivered some of the highest quality mode of action and product demonstration videos on the market.


  • Multichannel strategy

  • UI design and UX optimisation

  • Mobile applications

  • Booth touchscreens / kiosks

  • Event AV

  • e-Learning

  • 2D and 3D animation

  • Website development

  • Filming

  • Edutainment / feature films

  • Platform development

  • Sales tools

  • eDetails & CLM

  • Digital innovation and experiences

  • Infographics

  • Social listening & channel audits


“Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goal.” E. Joseph Cossman

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