Project background:
In Memory is a pioneering new short film that exemplifies Bedrock Multimedia’s industry leading approach to healthcare edutainment. It provides a captivating example of how film can be used to convey complex health messages to a wide range of audiences.

In Memory tells the story of elderly couple, John and Grace who, after a long life together, are struggling to cope daily with John’s advancing dementia. As Grace navigates him through a tricky day of forgetting her name, running out into the rain in his underwear and appearing frustrated and vacant, John is silently reliving the most perfect day ever in his head, the day he met Grace and fell in love.

In Memory stars legendary British actors Josephine Tewson and Patrick Godfrey alongside upcoming UK stars Alice Orr-Ewing and Les Loveday.

Bedrock invested heavily in this pilot project in 2015 because we believe passionately in the value of short films to convey complex medical messages and are consequently leading the industry in developing this powerful medium.

In today’s environment, our collective audiences are attuned to understanding themes from intelligent, thought provoking media. Indeed this is why more and more consumer companies are moving away from brand or promotion focused adverts, particularly in the run up to the recent festive season. (Think John Lewis for example…) Producing pieces of such attention-grabbing quality helps us in our competition for attention and shows that we respect our audience’s intelligence.

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